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CoPlot and CoStat Are Free For Students

CoPlot student licenses (which include CoStat, but not the printed manuals or technical support) are free for full time students for use in their studies. To get CoPlot and the HTML versions of their manuals, please:

  1. Download and use the trial version of CoPlot. It is fully functional when it is registered.
  2. Send fill out this form and email it from your university email account to CoHortSoftware@gmail.com:
      My name is ____________________________.
      I am a full time student at ____________________________.
      Please send me the CoPlot and CoStat registration 
      information for use by full time students at my school.
    We will reply within 24 hours.

Technical Support - Since this offer does not include technical support, please work with other students as much as possible to resolve any technical support questions you might have about using the software. (Anyone want to set up a student support forum/wiki?)

New Versions - Please remember to check our web site periodically for new versions of CoPlot.

After you graduate, if you want to continue using CoPlot, please buy a regular CoPlot license or ask your employer to buy one for you. Such purchases allow us to stay in business and keep improving and supporting the programs.

Problems, Comments, Questions, or Suggestions? Please contact CoHort Software.

Best wishes for you in your studies and your future career.